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Make $2,000 A Week To Take Instagram Photos

Are you consistently taking pictures of your culinary treats and weekend adventures? Turns out you could get paid 2,000 dollars a week to do so. Yes, an actual job taking pictures of your life. Get paid to travel the world and snap shots.

donuts-690281_960_720Like previous years, Instagram and Netflix are teaming up to hire a team of  “Grammasters, “ aka proven Instagram masters. These folks will be asked to travel to Europe and the Middle East to photograph sets of popular Netflix original shows and movies.

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See the job description here ( ) if you don’t believe us. Yeah you may not get a 401K or benefits, but this adventure gig will pay you 4,000 dollars for two weeks of your time, and cover all your travel expenses. All this for just having an eye for great Instagram photos.

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To apply for the Grammaster gig, follow @Netflix on Instagram and tag three of your best photos with #grammasters3.

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Netflix hasn’t yet released how they will select candidates for the job, but it is clear that they want someone who understands how to take great pictures.

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The description states “We’re looking for TV and movie fans with a talent for taking pictures. Choose photos that show off your interests or passions.” So, if your Instagram profile already looks like scenes out of “Bloodline” or “Marco Polo” then you’re already a shoe in – get snapping!