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Dog Breaks Out Of Kennel To Save Crying Puppies

Dogs may not just be mans best friend, turns out they can be a dog’s best friend too.

At a Canadian pet foster care center a dog, Maggie, broke out of her kennel to comfort two sweet, scared little puppies on their first night.

Maggie and Puppies

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Maggie is a mother herself. She had a litter of her own at the foster center. Weeks later all of her offspring were adopted except her. “We think that’s why she got so attached to the crying puppies.” States Alex Aldred, who works for the foster center.

The center said they had never seen anything like it. “We left work and then we were watching the surveillance cameras while we were out and we saw Maggie was sitting in front of the puppies Kennels” Aldred stated.

Maggie Breaking Out

Barkers Pet Motel And Grooming

When the foster center realized Maggie was out of her Kennel they went down to the center to check on her. The employee opened the puppies kennel and Maggie went right in for about 15 minutes to comfort them. At that point the employee Sandy realized the dogs must need one another and let Maggie stay the night with the puppies. “When we showed up in the morning they were still cuddled up with each other.” Stated Sandy.

Deanne Thompson, who works at the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), and who originally rescued the puppies, stated that the puppies are between 8 and 9 weeks old.


Barkers Pet Motel And Grooming

Thompson says she was not surprised about the maternal instincts of Maggie. Many female dogs have these instincts especially if they had puppies in the past.

Maggie and Puppies Playing

Barkers Pet Motel And Grooming

The AARCS organizes over 2,000 adoptions a year according to Thompson. The good news is because of all of this publicity, Maggie may find a home of her own.