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DIY – Create A Water Reservoir For Your Plants

On those hot summer days, keep your potted garden thriving by making a hidden reservoir. The only item you need is an empty plastic bottle around the same height as your planter. It would be best to start with a new planter than using one that already has a plant in it.


CUT: Using a knife, cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle. The cut bottle should not be taller than the distance from the bottom of the pot to the top of the soil line. Make sure to remove the cap.


PLACE: Fill your planter up partially with soil, then place the empty bottle, upside down in the middle of the planter. Add more soil around the sides so the plastic bottle stands up.

Soda Pop Reservoir


PLANT: Add your plants around the bottle.

planter with reservoir


WATER: On hot days, fill up the plastic bottle with water. The water will slowly trickle down to the roots of the plants. You may need to continue to water the top of the plants, if the plants are young.

As your plants grow, the bottle will become hard to see, but it will continue to be easily accessed so you can fill with water.

If mosquitos and other pests are your worry, don’t worry, just be careful not to over water your plant. You should have no issue. During the summer I fill the 2-liter bottle and it dries out daily. No issue with mosquitos here!

If you want a more elaborate system to water your garden, try this system shown by Larry Hall.