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Couple Has Big Dreams And Builds Tiny Home

A twenty something couple took on the quest to build their own house by reading books, watching YouTube videos and taking online courses. Their theory is  “we aren’t qualified builders- but have everything we need in a good brain and capable body. “Homes today are extremely expensive, and the end result is they often tie you to the monotony of a 9-5 job so you can pay your mortgage.  Often leaving you with little left over to spend. Shaye and Tom want to let people know that you can “live more and work less” by building your own home.

Meet Shaye and Tom

After all their hard work, they pulled it off. Let’s take a look at their tiny home. “Lucy” is the name of their labor of love. Lets meet Lucy!

Lucy is a tiny home built on a trailer. Yes it’s portable! The house is equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, living space and a bedroom. Shaye, Tom and their new addition, baby Hazel all happily reside in Lucy. Check out how they built their home. Let’s start at the beginning – the trailer.

Picking a trailer for your tiny house can be challenging. There are lots of factors to consider. Size, weight, braking system, tires, tow capacity, and even paint! Shaye and Tom found their perfect trailer. They were even surprised how large it was.

Once they picked the trailer. They begun Framing the house on the trailer. The whole process took 10 days. Check out the foundation of their tiny home.

Although it only took 10 days, Shaye and Tom admitted most of the time was spent on the trusses. Figuring out the angles and measurements perfectly presented a challenge. Tom rose to the occasion with success coming in at almost a millimeter to perfection!

Cladding is the cover of a structure.  Shaye and Tome decided to go with a combination of weatherboards and corrugated metal. The metal was used to save on weight. Turns out it looks good too! Their stylish door only cost them $150

Shaye worked tirelessly on sanding and refurbishing their bargain door. The results are amazing. With a house so small, storage tends to be one of the biggest concerns. Shaye and Tom have solved that problem. See the next picture.

Storage-stairs! The stairs are used as their closet. Some single drawers, some double drawers, and even a large cabinet for clothes that need to be hung. The finished product is even better.

Shaye says these stairs are her lifesaver. Without the storage-stairs she would have stuff lying all over her living space.

Now that the house is built its time to transport it to it’s new home.

Turns out finding a vehicle in New Zealand that is able to tow the tiny home was difficult. Shaye and Tom had to hire a towing company.  With Lucy standing 14.1 feet tall and the roadway being a maximum 13.9ft. They were definitely nervous. Check out the final product.

The exterior of the house.

Side view with a garden. Check out the inside.

Living room.


Shaye working hard on their DIY house blog.  See their adorable sleeping loft.

Looks like a good place to lay your head down at night. Peaceful and quaint. Even space for the baby’s cradle.

Tom whipping up a storm in their Kitchen.

Their cute well organized pantry. Wait till you see their bathroom.

The Bathroom is equipped with exactly what you need. Sink, shower, and toilet.

The bathroom is complete with a shower and storage for your towels. See the small details and extra storage next.

The wood ceiling and unique light adds detail and design. Not to mention the extra storage for baby Hazel’s things.

The couch serves as a dual purpose. A place for sitting and relaxing, as well as additional storage.

The house in total only cost Shaye and Tom $26634.04. One year later they are living happily ever after in their tiny home!

To get the full story, check out their blog at DIY House Building