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90 Year Old Cancer Patient Gives Up Treatment To Travel World

What would you do after being diagnosed with a terminal illness? Shortly after being diagnosed, Norma a 90-year old women from Michigan, decided to forgo treatment and travel the world.

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Source Facebook Driving Miss Norma

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is clearly devastating. Even with the modern medical wonders cancer still affects several hundred thousand lives yearly. Treatments vary depending on the type of cancer and personal belief. Medical intervention includes surgery, chemo therapy, radiation and naturopathic remedies. Unfortunately the odds of surviving this horrible diagnosis is like a chance rolling of dice.

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Source Facebook Driving Miss Norma

90-year old Norma was diagnosed with uterus cancer the very week her loving husband of 67 years passed away. Tragedy had struck her home 2-fold.  Doctors gave Norma her options. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Norma decided to pass on all three.

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What was her next step?  In Norma’s words, “I’m 90-years old – I’m hitting the road.”

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Norma wanted to travel the road and experience life instead of going down the standard route of medical treatment. She told her son and family her plan, and they supported her on her desired journey. Her doctors were surprised by her decision, but completely supportive. “As doctors, we see what cancer treatment looks like everyday. ICU, nursing homes, side effects, and there is no guarantee of survival. You are doing exactly what I would do in this situation. Have a fantastic time!”

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Source Facebook Driving Miss Norma

Norma’s family joined her on the road.  All traveling in an RV around the United States. Anywhere Norma wanted to go they went. They even went outside of the country, as far as China!


Source Facebook Driving Miss Norma

Norma is currently doing well and flying high with no pain.  She even states that she believes she is in remission. Let us all take a lesson from Norma. Life is better lived!