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8 Outdoor Adventures In Mexico That Will Make Your Friends Insta-Envious.

  1. Take in the epic view of the beautiful pyramids of Teotihuacan: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s a hot air balloon. Enjoy a true bird’s eye view of the massive Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon. The trip starts at sunrise so drag yourself out of bed and drive 30 minutes to this 1,800-year-old archaeological masterpiece. Trust us, it’s worth it!Mexiko 2006; Mexico City
  2. The state of Chiapas is home to the Northern Lacandon. Mayan natives who still practice their pre-          Columbian traditions. You can go on a guided hike through the jungle, take a boat ride exploring Metzabok Lake. There are also many sightings of howler monkeys and crocodiles.Cozumel_Punta_Sur_View-27527
  3. Take a train ride through Copper Canyon: Embrace the views of Chihuahua’s copper canyon, one of the world’s largest canyon. Little stops are made along the way to explore small indigenous villages.Copper Canyon
  4. Swim with whale sharks: During the summer time, whale sharks gather just north of the island Isla Mujeres. No diving gear is necessary, just dive right in.1024px-Whale_shark_Georgia_aquarium
  5. Explore the back country of Los Cabos: Want an adrenaline rush? Jump onto an ATV and explore the beautiful landscape of Los Cabos.

    Source Flickr - Vox Efx

    Source Flickr – Vox Efx

  6. Rush down the rapids in Veracruz: Get your fill of adrenaline while whitewater rafting down the narrow canyons of Veracruz. It is guaranteed to be a sure heart thumping adventure.Rafting Veracruz Mexico
  7. Discover the ruins of Chiapas: Climb inside the roots of the ceiba trees and spot howler monkeys, and exotic birds. You are only able to access Yaxchilan by boat. This hard to get to destination will make you feel like a true explorer.1280px-Yaxchilan_1
  8. Trek a stratovolcano: 50 miles outside of Mexico City lays Nevado de Toluca, a 15,350-foot summit. Often covered by snow, the hike can be taxing but worth the work.Volcano